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Our Brand

AbsTrim is a subsidiary of Bioskin, established by Chief Executive Officer Ms Mathilda Koh in 1996. At a tender age of 22, Mathilda founded Bioskin and took up all aspects of the business, from doing facials to marketing to accounts, single-handedly.

Today, Chief Executive Officer of Bioskin, Mathilda is responsible for the growth and expansion of Bioskin. Mathilda is actively involved in the Marketing and Research and Development of Bioskin and makes annual visits to the Hong Kong and Milan fairs where the latest technologies will be on display.

With the successful leadership by Mathilda, Bioskin is now a trusted brand, well-known for its superior and technology-driven products and treatments for the face, body and scalp.

After months of planning and research, in 2012, Bioskin expands and open the very first branch of AbsTrim, that targets specifically at tummy slimming treatments.

AbsTrim provides comprehensive treatments that use the latest technological equipments, combined with specially formulated in-house products to cater to the special needs of men, and take into account the effects of environment and lifestyle, in order to address compatibility issues.

Mathilda is awarded the Spirit of Enterprise 2010 & Successful Entrepreneur 2010 & 2011 for her excellent leadership and achievements throughout the many years of contribution, perseverance and foresight for the brand and company.


"Trim Your Abs, Get In Shape"