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Fun Facts

1. Fat that men accumulate under the skin is more stubborn than female


Those stubborn fats, usually called Love Handles are hard to get rid of. Research has also identified differences in metabolism between the belly area and other parts of the body. It is proven that the belly has lower metabolism rate and thus, the fats accumulated there is harder to get rid of.


2. People who have belly fat indicates a higher risk of serious health problems


Large amounts of abdominal fat have been linked to an increased risk of heart disease, diabetes and stroke. Abdominal fat can also affect cholesterol levels and blood pressure. It is actually highly active in the body and appears to store chemicals that encourage inflammation which damages cells. So reduce the risks and take precautions by measuring your own body fats with BMI calculation or waist size measurement.



3. Exercise alone is insuffient for weight loss


It only strengthens the mid-section for muscle development and does little to burning of fats. Exercise also requires time, which majority does not have in today’s society in Singapore. Therefore, Abstrim Men takes into consideration of these factors in terms of time, efficacy, safety and pain level.



4. Men have tougher time shaping and toning their body than women


Most men are more vulnerable than women to accumulate visceral fat at the abdominal area (‘rock hard stomach’ located deep within the abdominal area which causes discomfort and indigestion, normally known as pot belly or beer belly.) This is due to the nature of male sex hormones and stress hormones that aids in the contribution of visceral fat.



5. Even atheletes and body builders face visceral bdominal fat accumulation


This is due to high calorie meals consumed for abdominal development, which is not healthy if one is not constantly active physically especially when they age.



6. You lose muscles as you age


As you age, you lose muscles especially when you are not physically active. Sometimes, you do not even have the energy to be active anymore. Therefore, when you are not physically active, it reduces the rate that your body burns calories and fats will be gradually acuumulated under the skin.



7. There are 2 ways to measure your body fats


One way is to calculate your BMI by dividing your weight(kg) with your height(m2). The BMI categories are as follows:


Underweight = 18.5 and below  
Normal Weight = 18.6 to 24.9  
Overweight = 25 to 29.9  
Obesity = 30 or greater  


Another way to calculate body fats will be by waist size. A waist size of more than 102cm (40 inches) is considered obese and has higher risk of health problems.

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