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Trim your abs, get in shape!

AbsTrim by Bioskin understands both men AND women. And when it comes to slimming solutions, we take things very seriously.

We want you to look good and more importantly, to be in the pink of health. Belly fats not only affect how you look and feel, but they also put you at greater risk of serious health problems, such as diabetes and heart disease.

At AbsTrim, we provide that little boost you need, taking you one step closer to your ideal body shape. With hectic schedules and plenty of demands on your time, AbsTrim provides fast and immediate results with the use of cutting edge technology that supplements and enhances the effects of your moderate diet and exercise regime.

As men are from Mars and women are from Venus, AbsTrim believes that there is no “one-size-fits-all” treatment. Instead, we have tailored our weight loss treatments for women and men in Singapore to suit their individual needs.

With body fat analysis available along with the latest equipment and specially formulated in-house products, our professional consultants and nutritionists are on hand for consultations aimed at accelerating your slimming results at AbsTrim.



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AbsTrim for Men has solutions targeted specifically at men with belly problems. Using intensive but non-invasive tummy slimming treatments, AbsTrim for Men aims to address stubborn abdominal fats with cutting edge technology to provide fast and immediate results.


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Seeing the success of AbsTrim mainly catered for men, we have decided to foray into the fairer sex segment as we have many customers requesting for it and thus AbsTrim for Ladies is evolved. We understand women - we get the frustrations you have, finding time to care for yourself, amidst all the other demands on today’s modern woman. As such, AbsTrim for Ladies has streamlined various protocols and treatments, integrating cutting edge technology with in-house products and the latest machines, to provide fast, immediate and lasting results.


Taking into consideration your hectic schedule, we have developed customized programmes which focus in-depth on troubled areas common to most women, including the arms, hips and stomach. These programmes are enhanced and supplemented by diet system packs to simplify the nutrition equation when it comes to slimming. Add your personal consultant into the mix and be sure that you are one step closer to the figure you dream of.


Start your slimming journey with us and get acquainted with AbsTrim’s very own 4 sets of 7.  7 Proven Steps, “NO”s, “YES”s, Day Detox Programme. And of course, your personal consultant will be with you every step of the way.


7 Proven Steps
Day Detox Programme

Join us today at AbsTrim and see yourself achieving those front cover worthy abs!






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"Trim Your Abs, Get In Shape"