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GP696 Detox or Lifting

*Results for each individual may vary


Lift and contour your body shape with Abstrim Men’s GP696 Detox or Lifting! The treatment draws in the capability of the biotechnology system, Micro Electric Magnetic Field (MEMF), to produce biotechnology waves that effectively targets on body tissues, cells and systems to achieve beauty and balance. Be certain to experience improved lymphatic drainage systems and cell metabolism rate instantly!


Our treatment includes:

Detoxification Function
Biotechnology waves stimulate lymph nodes to assist better lymphatic drainage. Toxins and excess fluid within the tissues are removed to maintain body’s fluid balance. Oxygen and nutrients are transported faster to the cells as blood circulation accelerates, thus increasing cell metabolism.

Body Lifting Function
Muscles are being firmed after stimulation of the waves, creating visible lifting and contouring effects. Different kinds of waves are produced to massage and work on the muscles for firming. Fat cells are metabolized as 90% of the energy that exercises the muscles comes from the process during oxidization of fats.



•    Lifts and contours body shape
•    Improved lymphatic drainage systems
•    Improved cell metabolism rate
•    Firms muscles




Reviews on GP696 Detox or Lifting

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Tony Date: 08 May 2012
Good exercise! Ratings:

This treatment is totally a good exercise for the muscles! I have a main package at AbsTrim but was very tempted with what this 696 machine can do and i purchased it as a top up. Everytime after i finish the treatment, my muscles feel like they have been working out for the past 1 hour. The feeling was like my muscles were contracted, working on the abs on my tummy area. My abs is now more toned and firm now! I like it very much because I dont have to visit the gym anymore


"Trim Your Abs, Get In Shape"