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Experience effortless losing of weight without having to visit the gym regularly! LipoStar with soft laser is an effective and fast weight loss treatment, which helps to enhance metabolism in your body and tone your abs. It combines Electromagnetic Therapy with soft Laser Therapy to provide you fast and effective slimming results that last.


How does it work?


LipoStar uses pulsating electromagnetic fields to stimulate nerve cell in skin, muscle and blood tissues to effectively break down fat and cellulite. It improves blood supply and increases oxygen pressure, activating the regeneration of cells which accelerates your metabolism, further helping to lose those unwanted stubborn fats.

Soft Laser targets the area where electromagnetic energy was irradiated and increases the communication between fat cells, thus doubling slimming effectiveness. This is achieved through stronger direct destruction and dissolving of fat cells in the selected area.



Want to achieve the same body as our endorser, Romeo? Read what he says about his experience with us!


Posted on April 14, 2012

"Maybe you have already seen the TV commercial I recently did for Bioskin AbsTrim Men. If you have not done so, do check out the clip below.



This is my first endorsement and I’m glad to have this opportunity to work with them:) Just for your info, Bioskin has been around since 1996 and they are well known in their no squeeze, no pain facial treatment. I’m sure most ladies will be more familiar with it since majority of the men don’t do facial (ok, I’m one of the majority)."

AbsTrim is their first men’s tummy slimming treatments. An ideal treatment for men who lead a hectic schedule and have no time to maintain their abs. How it works is it uses innovative technology to freeze away stubborn fats.  It is a proven technology for fat freezing, which is the perfect solution for hard-to-rid stubborn fats on tummy, up to 40%!

My favourite treatment will be the LipoStar Treatment with Soft Laser because every time I did this treatment it feels like I just did a 100x crunches. An ideal solution for body contouring and firming."



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