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Electro Therapy

*Results for each individual may vary


Achieve desirable body slimming and contouring results with Electro Therapy! This treatment provides you with effective detoxification results for your body. It also improves blood circulation throughout the body, improving one’s overall body wellness.




Reviews on Electro Therapy

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Raju Date: 08 June 2012
Great Service, great treatment Ratings:

Went to The Central for my IFR Slim session. Was led to a spacious room to do my treatment after body analysis and consultation. Some paddings were placed on the selected area, which i chose my tummy and during the treatment, i can feel the pulses coming from the paddings itself and it feels like it is working on my muscles.


After the treatment, the skin around my tummy feels a lot more tighter and less flabby. The results are quite immediate and I like it a lot. Will definitely come back to AbsTrim Men again for my next treatment!


"Trim Your Abs, Get In Shape"