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*Results for each individual may vary


Unlike traditional acupuncture, AcuStimulator is a pain-free and needle-less process. With a combination of 3 effective slimming solutions: Chinese traditional theory of Acupuncture, western electrotherapy and modern electronic technology, it stimulates exercise, and boost lymphatic drainage to get rid of fats and burn calories to achieve simultaneous firming and toning effects.


Key benefits of AcuStimulator:

•    Fast and effective
•    Pain-free and needle-less
•    Provides simultaneous firming and toning effects
•    Provides results that are not due to water loss



Reviews on AcuStimulator

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Thomas Date: 05 May 2012
Very immediate results Ratings:

I have experienced very immediate results after this treatment where I lost about 1-2cm after 1 session. I like that the treatment doesnt take up too much of my time as I have a very busy schedule. It is also pain-free and i can spend my time resting while doing the treatment.


Have already signed up for a package with AbsTrim Men and I believe there will be better results with a few more sessions.


"Trim Your Abs, Get In Shape"