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Thermal Booster/Thermal Detox Drainage

*Results for each individual may vary


Thermal Booster enhances the effect of detoxification that stimulates the lymphatic system to drain out impurities and toxins while soothing tired muscles to revitalize the skin. With a similar effect to sauna, Thermal Booster produces a gradual and pleasant feeling of warmth. Balance your body’s energy flow with this treatment and feel your stress evaporate!


With product enhancement using pure seaweed extracts, choose to upgrade to the Thermal Detox Drainage for better skin texture and more effective detoxification and drainage of toxins. The high concentration of active anti-oxidant ingredients also allows for deep body cleansing. A deeply relaxing detoxification treatment that you would not want to miss out on!




•    Balances energy flow in the body
•    Elimination of impurities and toxins
•    Improves blood circulation
•    Better skin texture




Reviews on Thermal Booster/Thermal Detox Drainage

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David Date: 05 January 2015
Quality Results Ratings:

After doing Bioskin's Thermal Detox Drainage Treatment, I could feel a significant difference in my body. The warming effect helps in relaxing my tense muscle and tired body. Not only that, it makes me feel the extra blood circulation which is good and encourage drainage. It is a relaxing yet deeply detoxification treatment that I would definitely come back for it again! 


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