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LX7 Lymphatic Drainage

*Results for each individual may vary


LX 7 Lymphatic Drainage is an effective, automatic lymphatic drainage and circulation system that uses air compression technology. The pumping effect expands the capillary vessel to clear the blood and increase the formation of oxygen. It makes sure of massaging effect to relax your body and break down fats and reduce cellulite.


Relax and regain a healthier and slimmer body with AbsTrim Men’s LX 7 Lymphatic Drainage!



•    Improves blood circulation
•    Improves lymph drainage this reducing cellulites around the hips, thighs, abdomen and arms.
•    Dissolves unwanted fats by increasing the temperature of body through regular circulation and massage
•    Hydrates and moisturizes skin

Watch these videos on how this technology works!




Reviews on LX7 Lymphatic Drainage

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Hock Wee Date: 08 August 2012
A very relaxing treatment Ratings:

My job entails me being on my feet the whole day. This treatment is very relaxing and makes me feel like my legs are being massaged. Immediately after the treatment, I can feel that my legs are 'lighter' and not as sore and I feel very relaxed overall. I do this treatment together with Ice Sculpting treatment.


"Trim Your Abs, Get In Shape"