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LipoFreeze 3-in-1

LipoFreeze 3-in-1 is a safe and non-invasive 3-in-1 slimming treatment specially designed for Singaporean men and women. It consists of three different technologies to target and freeze localized fats in order to achieve the fastest slimming result. This effective slimming treatment for women and men is best in quickly removing fat cells through the lymphatic drainage system (i.e. naturally through the body). Patients of LipoFreeze can be prepared to shed off those extra pounds of fat in no time!

Freeze Therapy helps in freezing fat cells, which then reduces cellulite and fat, thus helping you lose weight fast. The therapy also helps in body shaping and contouring and is effective against reducing inches from common stubborn areas, such as the belly and stomach areas. Following this, Endo Therapy uses the action of vacuum and targets on localised fat by drawing toxins to the surface and helps in lymphatic drainage. The last of the three therapies is the Soft Laser. Skin tissues are softened and warmed under the laser and this helps enhance further therapeutic effects for better blood circulation. Cellular function is also increased and thus aids in achieving faster slimming results.

Come down to any of our three conveniently located outlets in Singapore and experience for yourself what LipoFreeze can do for you.


Freeze Therapy

• Freeze fat cells
• Cellulite and fat reduction
• Body shaping and body contouring
• Excellent for belly fat reduction
• Excellent for stubborn fat reduction


Endo Therapy

• Elevate the skin by drawing the toxic and helps in lymphatic drainage
• Target on localized fat


Soft Laser

• Soften and warm skin tissues
• Enhance further therapeutic effect for better blood circulation
• Stimulate lymphatic circulation
• Increase cellular function to achieve fast slimming result
• Promote oxygenation within the tissues


LipoFreeze 3-in-1 is available at AbsTrim outlets (The Central, Orchard Central, Jurong) and Bioskin Toa Payoh and Bioskin Tampines outlets.


How LipoFreeze 3-in-1 works:

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Reviews on LipoFreeze 3-in-1

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max Date: 11 March 2014
really slimmed down quite abit Ratings:

Due to the nature of my work, i really got no time to exercise & work out. As such, i always have this tummy/beer belly issue. So i decided to give this treatment a try and i must say it's quite effective for me. I went for a couple of sessions, followed a strict diet, and indeed my tummy gets smaller. Hopefully the results would be better after all my sessions.

Darren Date: 27 February 2014
Managed to get few cms off my waist area Ratings:

Did the treatment at the Central outlet. The lady who attended to me was very friendly and knowledgeable. Not sure about others, but I did manage to get a few cms off my waist area. Kudos to the high tech machines!

Melissa Date: 04 December 2013
lost 1cm after the treatment! Ratings:

The treatment only took 20 minutes and during the process I even doze off. That’s how not-painful was the whole process. They will take my waist measurement before and after the treatment, and the staff mentioned to me that i have lost 1cm on my waist!


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